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Looking for a private investigator to conduct covert surveillance, undercover surveillance, mobile surveillance, subrosa surveillance, counter-surveillance… no matter what type of surveillance your investigation requires Stryker Investigators are seasoned and well trained. We conduct surveillance at the clients request for the purpose of monitoring a particular subject behavior or activities. Typically surveillance is done covertly or at a distance by means of electronic equipment, usually a camcorder or a covert video recorder. Undercover and covert surveillance tactics are used by private investigation agency and governments as a means of gathering intelligence without an individual’s knowledge. Surveillance can be “static” or “mobile” and can involve one person or a team. The purpose of the surveillance program is to provide professional investigative, counterintelligence, and Stryker investigators are trained to carry out a wide variety of assignments at locations throughout the US.


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Surveillance – Monitor the subject’s activities and document all information and make it available immediately.

Investigations – Authenticate and confirm the facts of loss – determine coverage, scope of loss, and validity of claim.

Frauds – Quickly identify suspicious claims, monitor red flag markers, and scrutinize all suspicious claims and refer for investigative services.

Database – Administrators have daily case activity readily available and can depend on accurate updates and actionable information – immediately

Corporate Risk – We work directly with the examiners, attorneys and management to conduct the services around key or significant claim activity or determine patterns of loss from embezzlement.

State of the Art Technology – We developed and produced sophisticated real-time investigative software for on demand results.



There are two fundamental types of surveillance, covert (without their knowledge) subrosa a term used by insurance fraud industry to describe covert field surveillance,  and overt or (open and obvious) from this foundation emerge sub-categories such as counter surveillance, inverse surveillance, computer surveillance and recent developments of electronic media and the internet, computer databases.  

Surveillance Bugs:

Electronic covert listening devices commonly referred to as “bugs.”  There are five different kinds of bugs: acoustic, ultrasonic, RF (radio frequency), optical, and hybrid. Acoustic, ultrasonic, RF, and optical bugs are distinct, specific types of bugs, and hybrids are simply a combination of any two types of bug. An acoustic bug, the most low-tech of all bugs, can be any non-electronic device used to observe communication with the naked ear. Examples of acoustic bugs include drinking glasses, stethoscopes, or rubber tubes, either pressed against or inserted into an area in which there’s a sound leak. Ultrasonic bugs use a technique by which they gather sound, convert it into an audio signal above the range of human hearing, then allow it to be intercepted and converted back to audible sound. An RF bug can be placed in an area and/or inside a device, to transmit audio via radio frequency. RF bugs are quite easy to detect, but they are inexpensive and difficult to trace back to the person who planted it. Optical bugs convert sound into an optical pulse or beam of light. Because they are highly expensive and very easy to detect, optical bugs are rarely used. Examples of optical bugs include active and passive laser listening devices. Surveillance devices, or “bugs”, are not really a communications medium, but they are a device that requires a communications channel. A “bug” usually involves a radio transmitter, but there are many other options for carrying a signal; you can send radio frequencies through the main wiring of a building and pick them up outside, you can pick up the transmissions from a cordless phones, and you can pick up the data from poorly configured wireless computer networks or tune in to the radio emissions of a computer monitor. Bugs come in all shapes and sizes. The original purpose of bugs was to relay sound. Today the miniaturization of electronics has progressed so far that even TV pictures can be broadcast via bugs that incorporate miniature video cameras (something made popular recently during TV coverage sports events, etc.). conducted surveillance at the clients request for the purpose of monitoring a particular subject behavior or activities. 

showreelWork Product/Materials Prepared in Anticipation of Litigation

Certain information or material may not be subject to discovery if it constitutes work product of a party, their attorney or other representative. The definition of work product is codified at O.C.G.A. § 9-11-26(b)(3), which provides: “Trial preparation; materials. Subject to paragraph (4) of this subsection, a party may obtain discovery of documents and tangible things otherwise discoverable under paragraph (1) of this subsection and prepared in anticipation of litigation or for trial by or for another party or by or for that other party’s representative (including his attorney, consultant, surety, indemnitor, insurer, or agent) only upon a showing that the party seeking discovery has substantial need of the materials in the preparation of his case and that he is unable without undue hardship to obtain the substantial equivalent of the materials by other means. In ordering discovery of such materials when the required showing has been made, the court shall protect against disclosure of the mental impressions, conclusions, opinions, or legal theories of an attorney or other representative of a party concerning the litigation.”

Under the work-product doctrine, “tangible material or its intangible equivalent” that is collected or prepared in anticipation of litigation is not discoverable,[3] and may be shielded from discovery by a Protective Order, unless the party seeking discovery can demonstrate that the sought facts can only be obtained through discovery and that those facts are indispensable for impeaching or substantiating a claim.[4] That is, the party unable to obtain the information has no other means of obtaining the information without undue hardship. For example, the witness may have left the country. Where the required showing is made, the court will still protect mental impressions of an attorney by redacting that part of the document containing the mental impressions.

Citation: Black’s Law Dictionary (Abridged 7th ed.)

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