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We would like to introduce our Portfolio pages that showcases our diverse knowledge and understanding of the investigative service industry. We focus our knowledge, skills and expertise on investigative services that will bring our clients exceptional work product and unparalleled service results. We take pride in our diversity, expertise, and professionalism. We are excited to present innovative products and services that further enable us to provide our customers with creative solutions across the continuum of information acquisition, while strengthening our leadership position in this field.

We have extensive experience conducting asset searches, financial investigations and we provide litigation support services. Our asset searches, financial investigations are a comprehensive program that includes both; financial investigations and assets search investigation, for bank, savings accounts brokerage, stocks, bonds and business partnerships. Clients seeking to enforce legal judgments awarding financial damages or seeking the return of funds misappropriated by the use of conversion or other means. Stryker identified missing, previously unknown or hidden assets. Pre-Litigation asset searches are a preemptive tactic used to determine what assets or income may be seized in the event a judgment is ordered. Subsequent, information can be used to determine if the judicial venture is economically worth the effort. Talk to a professional Asset Search Private Investigator.

The Insurance defense services we provide include Workers’ Compensation fraud investigations, liability, auto, AOE/COE, subrosa surveillance, subrogation investigations, employer level investigations, statements and interviews, (SIU) anti-fraud program, covert surveillance… and more. 

When a private investigator is able to capture the subject on video performing activities outside of the scope their physical restrictions set by their physician, the video subject matter must be reviewed by their physician and if deemed outside the scope of their prescribed physical restrictions the video may provide evidence which weakens or even stops payments of the workers compensation claim benefits.

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