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Attorney Services

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Attorneys are constantly challenged by the many different tasks associated with successfully handling a pretrial case, despite having paralegals, legal assistants and researcher. There is no substitute for experienced investigators that can be the “boots on the ground” to collect the information needed to get results. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of groundwork involved in bringing a case to trial. Investigations are filled with massive amounts of information which could be put into more than one category.  Legal staff and Investigators have to patiently wade through all that data, perhaps indulge in categorizing at first to help keep track of data, but then get rid of the categories and start to put things together. Our investigators can work closely with your legal staff to locate, acquire and secure the evidence that is imperative to the success of your case. Talk to our professional Private Investigators regarding whatever service you might need.

      • Gather factual information that is credible, verifiable and relevant
      • Separate fact from fiction
      • Discovering, examining and analyzing information
      • Identifying information regarding an adversary and their witnesses for impeachment on cross-examination
      • Locating and interviewing potential witnesses
    • Locating confidential sources and finding background information when public records are unavailable, unhelpful or non-existent
    • Investigating credentials of expert witnesses Identifying and tracing assets
    • Identifying and documenting undisclosed links between subjects and witnesses
    • Retrieving and analyzing data files using digital forensic methodology

Workers’ Comp Surveillance

Professional Workers’ Compensation Surveillance services that include activity checks, subrosa surveillance, alive and well checks, AOE/COE statements and subrogation investigations, employer level investigations, litigation interviews and statements.

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Statements and Interviews

Identifying and locating critical evidence, potential witnesses and securing credible testimony can make the difference between winning or losing a case. Once we have identified and found the witnesses, an interview should be conducted A.S.A.P., and where, appropriate, get an oral and/or written witness statement. Should facts develop during subsequent interviews we can double back and revisit a witness. 

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Due Diligence

At Stryker Investigation Service we tailor our investigative due diligence to each client and their specific needs, and our work entails a thorough review and analysis of documents, records and inquiries of human sources. Stryker PI does not rely on databases and computer-based sources alone. These sources are often incomplete or updated only sporadically.

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Asset Searches and Related Investigations by a Private Investigator can legally be conducted Nationally – Our most recent investigation inquiries in GEORGIA were: Atlanta, Columbus, Savanna, Athens, Augusta, Macon, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Albany, GEORGIA search ASSET SEARCH PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR ATLANTA