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  • Asset Search | Stryker Investigation Services bank and brokerage search Atlanta Private Investigator

    Search for Unknown Bank, Saving, Brokerage & Offshore Accounts

  • Judgment Collections | Stryker Investigation Services Atlanta Private Investigator

    Enforce a Civil Judgment for Collections, Levies, Liens, or Garnish

  • Surveillance | Stryker Investigation Services Atlanta Private Investigator

    Surveillance of an Individual, Business or Workers’ Comp

  • Insurance Defense Stryker Investigation Services Atlanta Private Investigator

    Insurance Carriers, TPA’s, Law Firms, Employers & Municipalities

  • Embezzlement | Stryker Investigation Services Atlanta Private Investigator

    Employee Theft, Fake Vendor Account, Missing Checks, Conversion of Assets 

  • Attorney Services | Stryker Investigation Services Atlanta Private Investigator

    Due Diligence, Skip Trace, Interviews, Litigation Support, Statements

  • Records Search | Stryker Investigation Services Atlanta Private Investigator

    Records Searches, Background Check, Vetting a Potential Business Partner 

  • Drone Surveillance and Inspectors | Stryker Investigation Services Atlanta Private Investigator

    Drones for Disaster Documentation and Catastrophic Claims Management 


Need to talk to a professional Private Investigator about our services?  Stryker’s professional private investigators can assist you with any asset search, surveillance, background check, skiptrace and locates services for service of process, statement, interview, civil and criminal history, and investigation plans for complicated investigative services.

Stryker provides a comprehensive insurance defense and related services program. Stryker also provides services to attorneys’ and their law firms. With 20 years in the investigation industry our extensive experience providing litigation support services and directing complicated legal investigation enables our corporation the ability to provide our clients with exceptional service results. These support services include financial investigation and assets searches for bank, savings accounts brokerage, stocks, bonds, business partnerships. These particular services can be used as part of pre-trial litigation, to formulate a strategic battle plan that can be used as leverage during the course of negotiations or to determine whether a lawsuit is economically worth pursuing.

A Pre Judgment Writ of Attachment is an effective and often used procedure to secure and preserve assets pending the final outcome of litigation over a commercial debt. Once a judgment is issued counsel can start the collection process which means asset located during the investigation can seized through the court to satisfy a judgment. Stryker can provide more in-depth and target specific searches that look for proxy ownership and fraudulent conveyance in anticipation of a lawsuit. Finally, Stryker provides a detailed list of services that clearly describes all services available and their fees. 

Stryker can provide our clients with on-site inspectors and drones for surveillance and claims management by the property and casualty insurance industry. They can benefit significantly from the use of drones, especially in the areas of claims adjudication, risk engineering and catastrophe claims management.

The FAA has granted AIG, State Farm and USAA approval to use unmanned aircraft to do inspections.The insurers said drones will help them inspect areas that are difficult for people to access. Drones have the ability to help insurers swiftly respond to claims from hurricanes, tornadoes and floods by providing aerial images of areas claims adjusters can’t get to. They also see drones as a way to reduce injuries from risky roof inspections.

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  • Stryker Investigation Services - Atlanta Asset Search Investigator

    Financial & Asset Searches

    Stryker extensive experience in financial investigation services and provides the legal industry with litigation support services. This too is a comprehensive program that includes financial investigation searches for assets such as bank, savings accounts brokerage, stocks, bonds, business partnerships. Talk to a professional Private Investigator about our services.

  • Stryker Investigation Service Surveillance

    Surveillance Services

    Stryker Investigation Services Inc., employs seasoned investigators. Our investigators have spent years to honing their specific skill-set into an extraordinary tradecraft. Our investigators knowledge and experience allows them to work as a cohesive team on even the most difficult cases.

  • Stryker Investigation Services Insurance Defense

    Insurance Defense

    Stryker has a comprehensive insurance defense program including all aspect of claims investigations, AOE/COE interviews, document validation, liability, subrogation validation and investigations, employer level investigation, statements and interviews, (SIU) anti-fraud program, covert and subrosa surveillance… and much more.Talk to a professional Private Investigator about our services.

  • Stryker.Table.309x209

    Stryker Mobile Platform

    With the “Stryker Mobile Platform,” administrators, managers and attorneys get the information they need, when they need it? Our field service management solutions provide end-to-end management of field operations with real-time status updates. Our iOS and Android apps enable field investigators to update their work and provide real-time status updates even when a network isn’t present. Talk to a professional Private Investigator about our services.

  • Our firm frequently hires investigation agencies to assist with services… after hiring Stryker we found their results were consistent with our expectations. I will continue to use Stryker Investigation Services for more and more complicated investigations. Arden Wolf, Esq.