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Looking for a Private Investigator in Atlanta, GA? Stryker is licensed to a principal private investigator; our founder, and our corporation operates as a licensed investigation agency in Atlanta, GA. A private investigator (often abbreviated to PI) and often called detective, investigator, or a private detective.

Typically a business, law firm, attorney or insurance company will hire a PI to search for information. An experienced investigator will routinely uncover information that nefarious individuals would attempt to cancel. Private investigators can also be used to perform due diligence for an investor who may be considering investing money with an investment group, fund manager or other high-risk business or investment venture.

Every investigation involves the gathering of evidence, both physical and testimonial. The collection and evaluation of physical evidence is an important part of the investigators job. Stryker investigators will find that a heavy percentage of the work load will be directly related to the gathering, evaluating and recording evidence. As investigators develop their special skills they may be called on to work on a multi-team surveillance or assist with a covert operation. Surveillances and covert operations are undertaken to learn about a suspect’s activities and relationships. In these operations investigators attempt to watch suspects or associate without their becoming aware of outside interests. For the operations to be successful, the investigators conducting them must be trained and experienced. And sometimes they must have special skills.

After data has been collected, reviewed and analyzed the information must be reported. Reports are tailored to the needs of the main user. Reports are prepared objectively. Conclusions drawn from the data are included in the report. After the reported information is further analyzed at higher levels of Stryker SIU staff… then disseminated to the principal client user. Talk to a Private Investigator in Atlanta.

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    Subrogation is your opportunity to conduct a causal investigation and identify property owners, individuals, responsible parties, or entities. Determine any contributing factors and establish if there is any contributory negligence, immediate cause, intervening cause, proximate cause or proximate consequence and prove negligence for a tort cases. If any legal cause is identified and can be proven it is possible to recover money you have paid for damages caused by a third party. If you are liable for a Workers’ Compensation claim, but not responsible for the actual injury a thorough subrogation investigation and your legal counsel may help you recover the funds you have paid to an injured employee. Talk to a Private Investigator in Atlanta.

  • Stryker conducts surveillance at the clients request for the purpose of monitoring a particular subject behavior or activities. Typically surveillance is done covertly or at a distance by means of electronic equipment, usually a camcorder or a covert video recorder. Covert surveillance is used by private investigation agency and governments as a means of gathering intelligence without an individual’s knowledge. Surveillance can be “static” or “mobile” and can involve one person or a team. The purpose of the surveillance program is to provide professional investigative, counterintelligence, and Stryker investigators are trained to carry out a wide variety of assignments at locations throughout the US. Talk to a Private Investigator in Atlanta.

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    Stryker conducts investigations services on behalf of insurance carriers, third party administrators, law firms, municipalities and employers from the private sector. We concentrate our knowledge, skills and expertise on a specific type of products and investigative services that encompasses all aspects of Workers’ Compensation Insurance Investigations – Insurance Defense, fraud, deceptive practices, pre and post-litigation support. Consequently, our focused performance will bring our clients exceptional work product and unparalleled service results. Talk to a Private Investigator in Atlanta.

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    Stryker can validate your claimant’s present alive or deceased status with an Alive and Well Check. Stryker’s preliminary Alive and Well Check investigation includes a telephone inquiry with the claimant and/or neighbors. We then verify the claimant’s Social Security number, check the Social Security Administration Death Master File and conduct a nationwide obituary search. At the clients request Stryker can schedule a face-to-face interview with the claimant to confirm their physical status, and if appropriate their ongoing treatment, schedule, doctors office location; benefit check status, activity level and disability status. Talk to a Private Investigator in Atlanta.