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Stryker Investigation Services Inc., is a licensed investigation agency that provides Business Services to corporations and small companies. When considering a business relationship, always conduct an independent verification to make sure you’re making a decision based on facts. The health and welfare of your business and your reputation deserves to be protected. Stryker’s professional investigative consulting expertise is essential when evaluating potential business partnerships, mergers or acquisitions. With Stryker’s investigative due diligence solutions our critical fact-finding can eliminate unknown variables from the business equation. The investigation can be conducted either covertly or overtly. In addition, we will provide expert witness testimony at trial to support our findings.


This is a comprehensive program that includes financial investigation searches and assets searches for bank, savings accounts brokerage, stocks, bonds, business partnerships. Depending on the clients needs these services can be used as part of pre-trial litigation to formulate a strategic battle plan that can be used as leverage during the course of negotiations or to determine whether a lawsuit is economically worth pursuing. A Pre Judgment Writ of Attachment is an effective and often used procedure to secure and preserve assets pending the final outcome of litigation over a commercial debt. Once a judgment is issued counsel can start the collection process which means asset located during the investigation can seized through the court to satisfy a judgment. Stryker can provide more in-depth and target specific searches that look for proxy ownership and fraudulent conveyance in anticipation of a lawsuit. Finally, Stryker provides a detailed list of services that clearly describes all services available and their fees.


Stryker offers clients a competitive advantage by providing high-quality data and the latest intelligence for the pre-transaction evaluation process. Thorough commercial due diligence can help strengthen a deal and have a positive impact on its success through the early identification of problems that may be mitigated ahead of closing. Strykers pre-transaction intelligence provides the information needed to drive confident decision-making, including mitigating risks associated with mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and other financings as well as initial public offerings (IPOs).



Court judgments are not self-enforcing. Solvent or honest debtors will want to pay soon after judgment is entered. A judgment will show up on credit reports and will be a matter of public record. This will be a problem for any judgment debtor attempting to borrow money. Most banks will require any unsatisfied judgments to be paid before they will lend new money. If the judgment debtor does not voluntarily pay the judgment, however, it is up to the judgment creditor to enforce. A judgment is not self-enforcing. The judgment creditor does now have the “aide of the court” and the ability to use various judgment enforcement techniques such as attachments and garnishments.

All enforcement techniques involve locating assets of the debtor, attaching the judgment as a lien on those assets, and then liquidating or selling those assets for cash to satisfy the judgment. The greatest success in enforcing judgments is always when a client can identify assets of the judgment debtor to attach. These services require legal knowledge and expertise to enforce a judgment through attachments, foreclosures, debtor’s interrogatories, or other techniques.



    1. Regulatory history, sanctions and violations
    2. Criminal proceedings and civil litigation
    3. Corporate, partnership and other business records
    4. Property and other asset-related sources
    5. Professional and educational history
    6. Personal and business reputations
    7. Confirm principals and directors names


    1. Unique address history scan searches for asset related data.
    2. Statewide bankruptcies, judgments – with dates and amounts, evictions, foreclosures and tax liens.
    3. Real property equity assessment, including all trust deeds and current market value.
    4. Limited partnerships, statewide professional licenses, Board of Equalization, aircraft, watercraft, pilot licenses.


    • Surveillance – Monitor the subject’s activities.
    • Asset Search & Financial Investigation Services  – We can search for bank accounts, saving accounts brokerage, stocks, bonds.
    • Insurance Investigations – Authenticate and confirm the facts of loss – determine coverage, scope of loss, and validity of claim.
    • Frauds – Quickly identify suspicious activity, monitor red flag markers, and scrutinize all suspicious activity
    • Database – Background searches of civil and criminal histories, property and vehicle ownership, social security trace.
    • Corporate Risk– We work directly with management and attorneys to conduct the services around key or significant activity or determine patterns of loss from embezzlement.
    • State of the Art Technology– We developed and produced sophisticated real-time investigative software for on demand results.
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