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AOE-COE Investigations

AOE/COE refers to a type of workers’ compensation investigation used to determine the facts surrounding an alleged injury to a worker on the job.


  • Our AOE/COE investigations are extremely thorough and include every possible detail about the accident, any recreational injuries, occupational diseases and other unusual circumstances. Our client will receive a copy of the recorded statements, photos, sketches, all relevant personnel records and the claimant’s signed medical release. Stryker’s investigators gathers factual information and provide a careful search of social media sites, Google searches and news release, media release, press statements (if any) followed by physical surveillance, conducted by experienced investigators.

    Recorded or written statements are an important part of the claims investigation.  We will conduct a thorough interview and obtain the preferred statement format whether written or recorded. Every investigation report has the same basic objective… even the canvass reports. Their objectives are to collect, assemble, and preserve evidence. Find facts known to be true and and those that may be presumed from all the evidence. Gather the best available evidence with the least possible delay and make determinations and recommendations for administrative disposition.

    What are AOE/COE investigations? The terminology (Arising Out of Employment / Course of Employment) refers to a type of workers’ compensation investigation used to determine the facts surrounding an alleged injury to a worker on the job. The purpose of the investigation is to establish whether the employee’s alleged injury was work-related and happened in the course and scope of employment, or whether the injury was non-industrial or affected by third parties. In the early stages of a workers’ compensation claim, thorough AOE/COE investigations are crucial in order to determine and document injury-related accident facts before evidence gets lost or memories deteriorate. It is important to document the claimant’s alleged reported injury, along with statements by any witnesses, prior to possible coaching by third parties’ workers’ compensation attorneys.We concentrate our knowledge, skills and expertise on a specific type of investigative services that encompasses all aspects of Workers’ Compensation and AOE/COE Investigations. Talk to a professional investigation agency about your service needs.

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    Knowingly making a false or misleading statement.
    To “perjure” yourself is to knowingly make false or misleading statements under oath or to sign a legal document you know to be false or misleading. This crime is taken very seriously because the foundation of the legal system depends on trust and credibility. After all, just one sworn statement has the power to tip the scales of justice and dramatically alter someone’s life.
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    Juries and judges often base their verdicts, sentences, or other important decisions on sworn testimony and signed documents. Statements given under oath and certain legal documents are presumed to be truthful, or at least made in good faith.

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