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Alive and Well Check


  • We can validate your claimant’s current health status, medical treatment and present address with an “Alive and Well Check,” and ensure the claimant is, in fact, alive and well and receiving benefits. Our investigator will ask for verification of employment and/or disability status, social security number and date of birth verification, telephone number, spouse and children information, and photographs of the claimant at his residence. Our investigator also inquire as to the subject’s day to day activities, how their property and residence are being maintained, and we determine their next of kin contact information. We can also accommodate any specific questionnaire forms that the client may require.

    Stryker conducts investigations services on behalf of insurance carriers, third party administrators, law firms, municipalities and employers from the private sector. We concentrate our knowledge, skills and expertise on a specific type of products and investigative services that encompasses all aspects of Workers’ Compensation Insurance Investigations – Insurance Defense, fraud, deceptive practices, pre and post-litigation support. Consequently, our focused performance will bring our clients exceptional work product and unparalleled service results.


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