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Welcome to Stryker Investigation Services, Inc., we are Stryker PI.

We are licensed to a principal private investigator, our founder and operate as a licensed private investigation agency that conducts investigations for our clients in California and Georgia. Stryker provides services to Insurance Companies, third party administrators (TPA), Law Firms, their Attorneys and Business. Our goal is to ensure that our clients have access to top-notch private investigation services by a professional Private Investigator. Stryker PI provides our clients with a comprehensive battle-tested Workers’ Compensation (Workers’ Comp) insurance defense program focused on suspicious claims and insurance related investigation requests. Stryker also provides our clients with drones for use in catastrophic property loss to evaluate property damage to buildings and crops…. and much more.

We are excited to present innovative products and services that further enable us to provide our customers with creative solutions across the continuum of information acquisition, while strengthening our leadership position in this field. Stryker PI will demonstrate how our corporation addresses some of today’s most pressing challenges, all backed by solutions that are proven, operational, and scalable across some of the world’s largest enterprises. 

Should you have questions about our fee structure and services you’re welcome to call… Consultation are free and you’ll talk to a professional Private Investigator.

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Stryker Investigation Services
Private Investigator Stryker PI | 3355 Lenox Road NE, Suite 750, Atlanta, GA 30326 (678) 601-6148

The Insurance defense services we provide are fraud investigation, insurance defense, liability, AOE/COE, subrosa surveillance, subrogation investigations, employer level investigation statements and interviews (SIU) anti-fraud program, covert surveillance, subrosa surveillance… and more. 

When a private investigator is able to capture the subject on video performing activities outside of the scope their physical restrictions set by their physician, the video subject matter must be reviewed by their physician and if deemed outside the scope of their prescribed physical restrictions the video may provide evidence which weakens or even stops payments of the workers compensation claim benefits.

 As a professional Private Investigator Stryker Investigation Services has designed and developed sophisticated field service management software the “Stryker Mobile Platform,” for our investigative services to expedite the acquisition, preservation and dissemination of documentary and video evidence accumulated during the investigative process for the insurance industry. All Stryker software is designed to comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule, which sets national standards for the security of electronic protected health information. Our technology platform allows us to efficiently and successfully manage large volumes of claims, and legal cases.


Private Investigator Stryker PI
Stryker Investigation Services, Inc. Private Investigator Stryker PI | 3355 Lenox Road Suite 750, Atlanta, GA 30326 (678) 601-6148


Identifying and locating critical evidence, potential witnesses and securing credible testimony can make the difference between winning or losing a case. Once we have identified and found the witnesses, an interview should be conducted A.S.A.P., and where, appropriate, get an oral and/or written witness statement. Should facts develop during subsequent interviews we can double back and revisit a witness. 

We have extensive experience in financial investigations and litigation support services. This is a comprehensive program that includes both; financial investigations and assets search investigation, for bank, savings accounts brokerage, stocks, bonds and business partnerships. During discovery / pre-trial litigation services are typically used for fact-finding and critical analysis to formulate a strategic legal battle plan. Favorable investigation results that can be used as leverage during the course of negotiations or to determine whether a lawsuit is economically worth pursuing. 

Our pre-litigation support services include interview and witness statements, surveillance, asset tracing, cash flow analysis, due diligence background investigation of potential business relationships, data mining and analytics. Should you have questions about our fee structure and services you’re welcome to call… Consultation are free and you’ll talk to a professional Private Investigator.



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    Insurance Investigations

    Everyone should have immediate access to expert investigative resources to help with their insurance defense and mitigate claims and other suspect insurance transactions. Stryker’s Insurance Defense services include Workers’ Compensation, (Workers’ Comp) insurance fraud, surveillance, AOE/COE statements and subrogation investigations, employer level investigations, litigation interviews and statements, (SIU) anti-fraud program. Talk to a professional Private Investigator

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    Asset Search Investigations

    Clients seeking to enforce legal judgments awarding financial damages or seeking the return of funds misappropriated by the use of conversion or other means. Stryker identified missing, previously unknown or hidden assets. Pre-Litigation asset searches are a preemptive tactic used to determine what assets or income may be seized in the event a judgment is ordered. Subsequent, information can be used to determine if the judicial venture is economically worth the effort. Talk to a professional Private Investigator

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    Workers’ Comp Surveillance

    Our investigators knowledge and experience allows them to work as a cohesive team on even the most difficult cases. Investigators possess the technical and functional expertise required to successful utilize the specialized equipment to our client’s advantage. Private Investigator Stryker PI employs only seasoned knowledge investigators, which are hand-picked for their integrity and specialized disciplines. Talk to a professional Private Investigator



Workers Compensation Fraud

Contrary to what most people believe, workers’ compensation fraud is more that just an employee exaggerating his medical condition or working for cash while supposedly disabled. While these things do occur, employers are also committing fraud by underreporting their payrolls to receive lower premiums and health care providers are billing for services they’ve never performed. Workers Compensation Fraud is costing the industry and citizens of our state billions of dollars each year.


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Insurance Defense

We concentrate our knowledge, skills and expertise on a specific type of investigative services that encompasses all aspects of Insurance Defense.   Stryker subrogation investigation services can assist you and your legal team to determine the feasibility of recovering money from a third party. Depending on your needs and the case, you may choose a cursory check of civil public records and a known employer. Or you may select a more extensive search of all known public records, as well as employers, creditors, banks and other financial institutions.

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Stryker conducts surveillance at the clients request for the purpose of monitoring a particular subject behavior or activities. The purpose of the surveillance program is to provide professional investigative, counterintelligence, without an individual’s knowledge.

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Private Investigator

Looking for a Private Investigator?  Don’t know who to hire? Decide exactly what you want them to do and hire a licensed investigator with experience in that field and sufficient resources to complete the task.

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Workers’ Compensation Surveillance

Professional Workers’ Compensation Surveillance services that include activity checks, subrosa surveillance, alive and well checks, AOE/COE statements and subrogation investigations, employer level investigations, litigation interviews and statements.


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Cost Effective Analysis

A professional Cost Effective Analysis is imperative because it allows clients to stay within a yearly budget and finish the work before economic constraints becomes the deciding factor as to whether or not  the investigation is terminate because of cost. 

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Private Investigator, Stryker PI is setting the standards for Performance & Reporting; their investigative report content, interviews, research data, are extensive, clear and direct. RK Management